Linux Mint 16 Install With LUKS on LVM

Fedora has been my go-to Linux distribution since before it was Fedora, way back when there simply was Red Hat Linux. I was always happy with it, but in the past few years, I’ve had less time to deal with its quirks and bugs (Fedora is, by design, more bleeding-edge and less stable than RHEL), and after the Gnome-pocalypse hit, to deal with KDE, which just wasn’t my speed.

Searching for alternative distributions, I found Linux Mint and Cinnamon – a new desktop using GTK+3. Ten minutes after running a live-DVD, I was sold, and it was time to wipe the slate clean and set up my new system. And while I don’t normally wear a tin-foil hat I did want to encrypt my new system, which led me to do a lot of reading and learning about some twists and gotcha’s, which I am documenting here in the hope they can be useful to someone else.

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